Writing Class Task 1 : Introducing Myself

Introducing Myself

I read an interesting book named “Le’petit prince”. The book is telling about a journey of a Prince to other planets including Earth. The interesting one is when the Prince asks to someone who lived on earth, “why adult always ask about occupation to know other people?” and the Prince think knowing the occupation and looking the appearance not make us know about the person. So in this paragraph I am telling about “me”. Well, My name is “YOU-KNOW-WHO”, but my friends usually call me Ami, Mooi or Amoy. My favorite colors are blue like an ocean and red like a rose. My hobbies are traveling to places with beautiful landscape, collecting and reading interesting books, listening music, singing in the bathroom and doing oil painting. I have a lot of books, and hopefully, someday I can build my private library in my own house and decorate it with my own oil paintingprivate-library-design. My aspirations in life are have a lifelong and healthy life and surround by beloved people, and have a job that contribute to make a better life for needy people or to stop the ravages of earth. (it sounds too ideals :p).

This image is example of my upcoming private library hehehe (^0^) : image source


About ranselbutut

Si Ransel Butut punya Mie, cw manis sedikit gila yg dooyan jalan - jalan ^^ Si Ransel Isi nyaa lengkap : * 'Cam Dic', brtugas capture gambar perjalanan * 'Note Perjalanan' , Summary dari Perjalanan - Info akomodasi dll * 'Buku Saku', suutt..its all about in Mie Minds Enjoy ransel butut day life..
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