Writing class task 2 : “Information Factory is a Mind-Setter?”

Do you ever heard quote ‘He who controls information controls the world’? Sounds familiar right. Do you think its true? humm. I concern about currently booming issue about the President of PKS who did corruption, and how public react. In social media, many of my friends comment so lightly and openly. Some said it is a diversion of the bigger issues so the real case faintly down, Imageand some others aggressively “nod” on his/her way. However in this manipulate world, it is massively difficult to know what is truth or what is lie. Mind is not as freedom as we thought. Its much bias that can influence what we believe and “Information Factory” can be one of the external bias resources. Just like quote that I mention in the first paragraph, are you on your own control or controlled?  ☺

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My dictionary tells “Mind : the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought “.


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Si Ransel Butut punya Mie, cw manis sedikit gila yg dooyan jalan - jalan ^^ Si Ransel Isi nyaa lengkap : * 'Cam Dic', brtugas capture gambar perjalanan * 'Note Perjalanan' , Summary dari Perjalanan - Info akomodasi dll * 'Buku Saku', suutt..its all about in Mie Minds Enjoy ransel butut day life..
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One Response to Writing class task 2 : “Information Factory is a Mind-Setter?”

  1. kuli_koding says:

    konspirasi wahyudi tea yah…
    eh ini ada lanjutannya ngga mi? kan ada yang baru presiden parpol yang jadi tersangka.

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