Writing Class Task 3 : Human psychological steps to get an “acceptance” stage

I promise you its fun..! just don’t take it seriously

Acceptance stage is a final stage in theory of “The Five Stages of Grief”. This theory is a medical study about human physiological when deal with a death or dying. Well, most likely 5 stages of grief can be applied in daily situations when human  face the condition of losing something important. such as job, boyfriend or rejection.The first stage is denial. In this stage we will tell ourselves that we are just fine. Example, we will say “it is impossible he is cheating on me, I know he love me. He just got a distraction from a pushy beautiful bad girl. But he totally will come back to me”. The fact is we just defense ourselves from getting hurt and denial it. The next stage is anger. We start questioning our self. “why me?!, whats wrong with me?!, I just can’t believe he did that to me” (*and plus crying haha). Next, we start to bargaining. We try to set “what if” situation in our mind. We will say “Can we be just a friend? And he will came back to me someday because I am the one who can get along with him”. The forth stage is depression. The depression stage is feeling sad.  Example, “I miss him, I want to call him but I know it will make it worst”. The final one is acceptance. We understand the condition, absorb the feeling and get stronger. We will say “Oke. He left because another girl, so what?!, I will find the better one. I deserve it”. Those are all the 5 stages of grief to get an “acceptance” stage.
Hahhahhahhaha 🙂

ps : sumpah demi apa aja, ini bukan pengalaman pribadi. Hasil observe, nyocok- nyocokin dan nyari teori aslinya, spesial untuk tugas writing ttg process paragraph 😀


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  1. kuli_koding says:

    as Glenn Fredly said ‘sad no end’ hihi

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