Writing Task 5 : what is Love?

How to falling in love?” is an article title, which I read on Readers Digest magazine February edition. The article starts from full two pages of starry sky and a flying man with only a short pant (I even don’t know what relation this picture to the topic), and there is a medium and attractive title : “How to falling in love? : Big question from little people”.  The main idea of this article is answers from “experts” for the nominated question from children which is “how to falling in love”. There are three “experts” answered this question. Two of them are authors who defined love from “ lala land” dictionary, and another is a professor of evolutionary psychology, answered love form scientific perspective.

So, I like to write about love on science point of view for my writing task about definition paragraph, and that article is one of my sources.

If you try to looking definition of love in wikipedia or surfing on google its almost impossible to find a definitive explanation. However there are somImagee researches about what happen in human brain when “love” comes. One of the research used brain scanner machine to know how brain work when falling in love, and the result showed that the right side brain which is responsible for human emotion work very busy, and the other side, left brain, is less active then usual. This is the reason why someone who falling in love cannot think rationally.  The brain activities are triggered by chemical substance called hormone. Hormone work by stimulate specific cell. There are some hormones, which is responsible to love feeling, one of them who responsible the most is called dopamine, which gives us feeling excitement and the reward-driven feeling.  Other article which I found said the sign of surging dopamine are increased energy, less need for sleep or foodImage, focused attention and exquisite delight in smallest details of this novel relationship. Then there is serotonin hormone which is simulate brain to think no one else beside the one we love. Someone said love grow, and that’s true, after those surprising fact about falling in love, there are others hormones that appear after being a married couple.  The hormones for long-term relationship are oxytocin and vasopressin. Those hormone is a bounding hormone which give us a comfortable feeling when we are with the person we love.

After those hormones explanation, the last importance and interesting one is there is no one researches can explain why we falling in love with a particular person. It just happen. What a wow sambil koprol. Hahah 😀

Mahatma Gahandi, an inspirational figure for freedom and peace, said, “where there is love there is life”. So love to life .. 🙂


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